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 Recent Student Achievements

Huge congratulations to our DPA competition team who have been dancing across the country in various competitions over the past year since their inception.  In January, they danced their hearts out at the Semi finals of That’s Showbiz, Dance Design Events and secured themselves a place in the finals at Liverpool Echo Arena. 

dpa comp

What an achievement for our small team who have been competing for less than a year to get so far so soon!!!

If you would like to join our competition team, keep an eye out on our social media sites and the notice board in the studio for upcoming auditions.  We have started a new junior team and are looking for more seniors.


7D-dpa-0271 cover

Huge congratulations  

To our super talented student's Lily, Rowan and Kira who have been awarded places in various associate programmes this year.  

Lily Mowbray, was awarded a place at the Scottish Ballet Mid Associate, Ballet West Associate and Scottish Conservertoires Junior School programmes this year.  We are all so proud of her achievements! 



Lily is such a hard working, determined beautiful dancer who comes into every class (participating and assisting) with such an enthusiasm and great attitude that is so infectious, already the tiny dancers are looking up to her! Can't wait to see what the future holds for her in her dance career. She will go far!

Rowan Steele has gained a place in Ballet Wests' Junior Associate Programme.  Rowan is a wonderful student who comes into class every week and works so, so hard.  She just loves ballet dance and it obvious every time she steps into her ballet shoes. Rowan is one to watch! 

Kira Gallacher has successfully auditioned for the P7 talented young performers course at Broughton High School where she will be studying jazz, contemporary and ballet technique. From the age of three, Kira has come into class every week with a huge smile on her face. She has a great energy and enthusiasm for dance and has an amazing stage presence. We love having Kira in class spreading her joy for dance! 

Kira ballet